Projects of Wastewater Treatment

Projecting of wastewater treatment plants are acquired more important after the regulation issued on March 15, 2012.

Treatment plants is different than other structures of engineering because it includes branches of various engineering such as from the ground survey of geological engineers, mechanical projects made by mechanical engineers, static projects made by civil engineers, application plans made by geomatic engineering, electrical projects and architectural plans.

As Aykosan Engineering with our experienced engineers serve for your treatment plant projects as follows..

- General Layout Plans

- Flow Scheme

- P&I Diagram

- Flow Chart

- Architectural Projects of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Static Projects

Electricity Projects

We follow the approval process of municipal organizations such as Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Provincial Environment and Urban Planning Directorates, SKI, ASKI, Organized Industry Management and other local and foreign institutions, which needs to obtain approval.

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